Paper Submission Guidline

All interested parties, students, professors, engineers and researchers can send their latest scientific, research, applied and review findings to the conference secretariat through the user control panel while observing the format of writing the article. To do this, you must first create an account (personal control panel) by joining the site (initial registration and creating a personal panel), then log in to your panel and submit your articles through the article submission menu.

In this conference, the article will be accepted in either Persian or English.

- It should be noted that the abstract and the text of the articles are received together (full paper) and there is no need to send the abstract separately.

- Informs the respected authors that only high quality scientific articles will be selected for presentation after being judged by professors and experts.

The maximum number of pages of a complete article is 16 pages in total.

- The person registering the article will be responsible for the correspondence of the article.

Remarkable dear students and researchers:

Those students and researchers who need to receive the results of judging their submitted papers earlier than the deadline for announcing the results of judging articles can send their papers as soon as possible, then send an email containing the title of the articles and its tracking code to the conference secretariat. Give data early and judge your article faster. For the above-mentioned people, the results of judging the articles will be announced up to 10 days after sending the article.

Submit Article Files:

The conference users system receives two files from you:

1. Full Article Doc File Complies with Article Writing Instructions.

2. The full article Pdf file which is exactly the same as the converted Doc file.

Please note that the submission and registration of the article was successful when the site provided you with a tracking code after completing the steps and submitting. In addition to registering in the status menu of articles in the personal panel, this code will be sent to the user's email as well as to the user's mobile number.

Regarding sending files, note that:

_ Sending the file is only possible for you once, so when you are sure of the accuracy of your file information, send it, because after judging the article, any change or change in the submitted file or change in the authors name is not possible in any way Is not . It is worth mentioning that after submitting and before judging, editing the article is possible through the status menu of submitted articles in the personal panel.


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