Conference Topics

Health Sciences

General medical and health

first aid

Nutrition basics



Principles and generalities of health services


Principles and generalities of epidemiology

Principles of environmental health

Health and communication education

Disease Control Program

Emergency medical measures

Management and supervision of health centers

Educational technology

Epidemiology of common diseases

Medical entomology

Health Food

Health Professional

Psychology and mental health

Oral Health

Health Economics

Student and school health

Application of computer in the analysis of health data

The celestial system in the world

Elderly Health

Management and supervision in health centers

Educational technology

Epidemiology of common diseases

Medical entomology

Common diseases of children and ways of prevention

Non-communicable disease control programs and their epidemiology

Environmental Health

Health Professional

Principles of management in health services

Mental health and addiction

Functional nutrition

Mardan and children's health

pregnancy health

Principles of health planning

Health and communication education

Hereditary diseases and genetic counseling

Geographical pathology

Research methods in health sciences

Health Food


In-hospital and out-of-hospital relationships

Health management

Health Economics

Comparative health care system

Health Financial Management

International Health

Principles of epidemiology

Environmental health management

Crisis management, disasters, medical emergencies

Man-made and environmental hazards

Health information management

Health Information Technology

Health accounting and financial accounts

Information technology in healthcare

Health standards and coding

Management in Medical Informatics

Medical information systems

Data mining and knowledge-based systems

Methods of improving and managing information quality

Communication networks in the health system

Design and development of health information systems

Funding and health insurance


Physiological Psychology

motivation and excitement

Developmental Psychology

Transformational Psychology

personality psychology

psychology of human behavior

Philosophy of Psychology

social Psychology

Learning Psychology

Educational Psychology

Health Psychology

Industrial Psychology

Family Psychology

Mental Health

Gender Psychology

Psychology of Aging

Psychology of stress

Exercise Psychology

Psychology of work and management

Educational Science

Social educational activities

Principles of health and first aid

Comparative education

consultation and guidance

Training and human resource development

History and philosophy of education

Educational technology

And all related sub-axes